Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Best Crossing Guard

The city's most colorful crossing guard is a gentleman who drives down from Montville every morning and every afternoon to ensure safe conditions for the students of Harbor School at the intersection of School Street and Montauk Avenue. Amos is a man with a sunny disposition in all weather. He is good with children, parents and the denizens of the neighborhood who take morning walks and populate the medical offices thick along Montauk Ave.

Amos' heart seems to be as big as his body would lead you to believe. In warmer months he wears a high peaked, straw, cowboy hat he bought for a dollar at a flea market. It makes him more visible when he stops vehicular traffic to guide his little charges through the crosswalks he patrols. He says he wears the hat because the children like it. Some Harbor students call him "Sheriff Amos." In truth, he knows this jaunty topper matches the smile ever present on his face.

Amos has been talking snow for about a week and he hasn't been looking forward to it. He was relieved that yesterday's weather reports had proven false. He razzed Whalehead King about the lack of frozen precipitation. Mr. King loves snow. Turnabout was fair play today, when unexpected flurries turned into something even more beautiful. Amos blamed Whalehead King for today's unpredicted, unpredictable weather. Mr. King claims innocence.

A New London Salute to Amos! He should be nominated Crossing Guard of the Year!

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