Sunday, February 05, 2012

I Love Eunice, LA

Where is Eunice, Louisiana?
"Visit Eunice, Louisiana," the fiddle player said as he bowed his head.  "You can't taste salt without biting on meat," he added.

I have been to Eunice, Louisiana.  I have walked its streets, but I cannot say I have taken its pulse.  Like a woman, Eunice, Louisiana, has its secrets.  Like a woman, Eunice, Louisiana, has its charms.  Like a woman, Eunice, Louisiana, has its admirers.  Like a woman, Eunice, Louisiana, is beautiful.  My eyes adored this pretty little city.
Dear Eunice, will you come out to play?
I had planned to be in the audience of a live-broadcast, cajun, musical revue, radio show at 7:00 PM.  Tickets go on sale at the box office at 4:00.  My companion and I rolled into town, under heavy rains, at 2:00.  The show starts at 7:00 every Saturday evening.  Eunice, Louisiana is very pretty.  The little city's scenery invites a stroll, but nobody wants to walk for five hours in the rain.

I left Eunice, Louisiana, after driving around for hours with nothing but Eunice on my mind.  Better the bed that you know than the one that you dream about.  Louisiana is big, wide, open country.  They like the casing thick around their sausage in Acadiana.

When you squeeze an accordion, people will dance in Eunice, Louisiana.

When there are crawfish in the rice ponds, Eunice, Louisiana, is an etouffee roux.

When the skies smile on Eunice, Louisiana, visitors fall in love.  I will revisit Eunice, Louisiana.  The city calls me.  I want to know it better.  I want to be its friend.  I may not have a cajun bone in my body, but I've been to the Gateway to the Cajun Prairie.  I am ready to cross its threshold.

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