Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Great Jewelry Armoire Debate

Some links do kiss and tell.
"Why do you call it a jewelry armoire?” he asked.  “You could just as easily call it a jewelry cabinet, or a jewelry chest, or a place to keep your jewelry.  Whatever it is, it is a fine-crafted piece of jewelry storage technology.”

She said, “I like to say jewelry armoire.  It makes me happy.”
It was easy for him to see what made her happy.  Her jewelry cabinet was a chest of jewelry treasures.  It was the perfect jewelry box, with tiered jewelry storage.  There was a ring drawer.  There was a drawer for bracelets.  There were necklace hooks in necklace cabinets.  There were bangles racks.  There were plush, contoured earring mounts for stud earring storage, hoop earring storage, and dangle earring storage.  Her jewelry armoire has space for navel rings, nipple rings, and any other jewelry an elegant lady may own.  An elegant jewelry armoire is more than a thing of beauty.   
Keep jewelry in a stylish jewelry armoire.
She studied her face in the armoire mirror.  She was pretty in pink.  She opened a ring box drawer and chose a ring from the velvet-lined cushions.  She chose her earrings from the armoire earring cabinet.  She opened the velvet-lined bracelet drawer, and considered the diamonds, but she turned to the bangle tree.    
An elegant, wall-mointed jewelry armoire is a lady's best friend. 
“I like to say jewelry chest,” he said.  “Jewelry cabinet works for me, too.  Sometimes I think Best Jewelry Cabinet should be a proper name.  But if you like your jewelry armoire, I like it too.  I see why you like it.  Your jewelry armoire is beautiful.”
She looked at him.  They kissed.  The armoire mirror saw it all.

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