Friday, July 15, 2011

Saint Expedite, New Orleans, LA

Saint Expedite Medal
I've grown fond of thinking about Saint Expedite, and of looking at his statue at Our Lady of Guadelupe Chapel on North Rampart Street.  It is the only Catholic Church in North America to hold a statue of this saint.

While Saint Expedite does not have the most sterling reputation, I located a cache of medals that implore him to pray for us.  I've been using these in paintings, and to make magnets, and sewing them onto tee shirts.  It seems to be working well for both of us.

Many people don't know what to make of Saint Expedite, hopefully, by making his medals available, I will be giving him a bit more exposure.  He is the patron of those who need speedy relief.  Though his veneration has been tied up with local, New Orleans voodoo, I find him a reassuring presence, even if I have yet to pay him in pound cake and rum.

His full story can be found at the link on top of the (your) right hand column of this page.  It is available in kindle format.  I am happy to print up and sign an author's manuscript for anyone interested.  The price is $5.00 including tax and shipping.  It could be an heirloom someday since it will have the author's dated signature affixed to every one of its pages.  It is a short and informative read if you want to learn a bit more about New Orleans culture, and the history of this questionable saint.

Manuscript edition of The History of Saint Expedite in New Orleans, LA.

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