Friday, April 01, 2011

Saint Expedite crushes the Devil

I've written before about Saint Expedite, the patron of those seeking prompt relief from their troubles.  I'm working on a little chapbook about his history and his influence in New Orleans.  Naturally, I want to illustrate it myself.

Typical of my cheapskate ways, I used the smallest possible piece of paper possible.  Also typical, I made a mistake on the initial run and had to start over.  So much for saving paper.

This is an illustration of the Devil disguised as a crow that Saint Expedite killed by stomping on it.  The first draft had more realistic proportions.  As usual, when I repeat something the shorthand takes over and it becomes more abstract.  Does this resemble a crow?  As someone who practices the school of art known as "Just Good Enough," I think it will do.  I'm no Andrew Wyeth.

Sure enough, I went right up to the edge of the page.  Not initially though.  I scanned the image when I had finished and decided it needed more oomph.  The drawing before I fiddled with it:
You can tell where I added some bulk to one of the wings.   No matter.  It's good enough.  The silhoette is more dramatic after the extra penwork.

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