Thursday, June 09, 2011

One reason why I ride a motorcycle - Insurance

Ninja 250XR, 2006 model.
I had to renew my insurance yesterday on the Littlest Ninja.  While this doesn't normally bother me, I don't own a car after all, I was in for another motorcycle treat.  I was reminded once again of why I love owning a motorcycle.  It is inexpensive.

Since moving to New Orleans, I had to change companies.  Now that I've lived here one year, I'm getting some kind of discount for staying with the same company.  I don't recall that ever happening in Boston, though it did occur in Connecticut.  Massachusetts' insurance market is overly complicated and over-regulated.

I also got a reduction in my annual rate because I've changed my address.  Who knew that Greater Treme is considered a lesser risk than parking in the Lower Garden District every day.  That saved me $35 per year.

I wanted to update my coverage for roadside assistance.  I haven't needed it in the past three years, but like any other insurance, you hate to pay for it until you need it.  I worry about getting stranded with a flat tire.  The agent offered me trip insurance, some kind of payment if I'm stranded a hundred miles or more from home base.  That's when I really worry, so I said okay.  Roadside assistance was an extra $10 a year.  Trip insurance: an extra $5.  Fifteen dollars seems a reasonable price for peace of mind.

Total cost for a year's worth of insurance came to a whopping $77.00.  I didn't finance it, but paid in full.

Now I'm ready to ride for another 365 days.

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