Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Using my new power.

So, based on the epiphany I had yesterday, I tried out my new attitude and show of strength.  I took the motorcycle up to City Park this morning where I careened along the pathways.  On approaching one of the lagoons, I saw my opportunity.  I parked the Littlest Ninja and approached a group of ducks who were sleeping in the shade of one of the oak trees.  They sensed my presence and awoke, stirring to their feet and then waddling to the safety of the nearby lagoon where they assumed I would not follow.

It isn't that I couldn't follow them.  I chose not to.  Instead, I stood on the shore and declared "Baleana Rex!" to the ducks and any other bird within earshot.

I felt rather proud of myself.

Now I am off to a dental appointment.  "I'm here for a cleaning.  Baleana Rex!"

This is not me:
(photo courtesy of this site)

1 comment:

Michelle H. said...

Those ducks secretly cower at your imperious shout. You make the Sub-Mariner proud. And thanks for the card. Got it yesterday.


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