Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baleana Rex!

I was doing some research this evening and I read the collected "essential" tales of Prince Namor, the Savage Sub-mariner.  Anyone familiar with this troubled Prince of the Blood, the Avenging Son, the Lord or Atlantis, knows that he often declares in the heat of battle or for no particular reason at all, "Imperious Rex!"

Every one of his tales starts by proclaiming it in the introduction, and Namor says it at least once over the course of an adventure.  I rather like the sound of it: "Imperious Rex!"

I think I'll adopt it, tailoring it to my own disposition, naturally.  Now, when I stop to buy gasoline or just debark from the Littlest Ninja to pick up a po' boy, I will exclaim my new catch phrase.  I've been trying it out tonight.  I sped through a yellow light and shouted, "Baleana Rex!" just before the light turned red.  You can translate the Latin.  It is rather self-evident.

I stopped by the Red Door on North Carrollton Avenue and placed my order, "I'll take an Abita draft.  Baleana Rex!"  The bartender looked at me oddly, but he poured my glass post haste.  I rode through City Park, careening along the curving roads..."Baleana Rex!"

I can't wait to say it more tomorrow.  It will be the first thing I utter when I open my eyes to the dawn.

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Baleana Rex!

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