Sunday, March 06, 2011

Saint Roch, pray for us - New Orleans, LA

I've got a nagging head cold so I decided to visit Saint Roch's Campo Santo shrine for relief.  As you can see from the sky above,  it isn't the best weather to be nursing a sinus infection.  My Littlest Ninja motorcycle is dwarfed by the majesty of crypts and liturgical art that have built up around this burial ground since the shrine was completed in 1876.

I ride a 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 250.  The styling and mechanics hadn't changed since Ronald Reagan was in office.  While cemetery design has changed over the past century, St. Roch's cemetery is an anachronism in a modern city.  It fits right into New Orleans' scheme of things.  I hope my Littlest Ninja and I do too.

I feel better now...
... but I've still got some tinnitus in my right ear.  Maybe tomorrow I'll visit Saint Roch again, weather permitting.

Cheers and good health to you this Carnival season,

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