Thursday, March 03, 2011

Fair Grounds Race Course - New Orleans

I'm not one to play the ponies but I do live close to the Fair Grounds so I decided to go to the track and risk a dollar.  As is my custom, I arrived much too early for any action to be unfolding.  I bought the Daily Race Form and looked over the odds.  I read the columns.  It was all very interesting but I have no idea how to place a bet.  As is also my custom, I quickly lost interest and left with a wallet exactly as full as when I arrived.

I've since found someone to tutor me on the art of loosing money at the track.  We'll see if I pursue this pastime.  While I am foolish about a lot of things and I am often parted with my money, it isn't usually by gambling.  If living close to Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun couldn't make a gambler out of me, I doubt living within walking distance of the race track will do it.

There were some nice statues of jockeys, however...

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