Monday, February 14, 2011

Saint Expedite, New Orleans, LA

Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel on Rampart Street, is the only Catholic church in North America to contain a statue of Saint Expedite.  This statue is particularly venerated in New Orleans as the saint is felt to grant requests with the utmost haste.  His feast day is April 19.

St. Expedite is a centurion holding a cross that has the word "hodie" written on it, the Latin word for "today."  He is stepping on a crow that says, "Cras."  In Latin, crows say, "cras-cras" which translates into English as, "caw-caw."  Cras is the Latin word for "tomorrow."

When St. Expedite decided to become a Christian, the Devil came to him in the form of a crow and suggested he put off his conversion until the next day.  The saint would hear nothing of it.  He stomped on the crow, killing it, while declaring, "I will become a Christian today!"


jj said...

Saint Expedite, grant me a wish to get usd2,000 urgently before 27th Feb for my bank fees. Thanks. Joanna

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Saint Expedite! Your swift assistance is very much appreciated. I will glorify your name forever!


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