Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday special: $7.32

Everyone knows I'm a Parkway po'boy fan just like Barack Obama.  It's a messy sandwich but a good one that leaves both palette and belly satisfied.  I dined there during the first extended period of time I spent in the city.   I've been back many times.  Let me tell you, Wednesday is the day to go, especially at 4:45PM: no lines.

Parkway is closed on Tuesdays, so don't plan a visit then.  On Wednesday though, for now at least, they are offering a special: the Thanksgiving.  It's eight inches of baguette packed with stuffing, dark meat turkey, gravy, and a spread of cranberry sauce.  It's a messy meal (I used a fork) but boy is it good.

My favorite Parkway sandwiches in order of preference:  Thanksgiving, Reuben, BBQ beef, beef, hot turkey.  I only get them dressed with letuuce, tomato and pickles, when dressing is an option.  No mayonnaise for me.

You might be surprised that this meat-adverse epicure (no need to bring up my affection for Bud's Broiler's hot dogs), enjoys Parkway's menu.  I appreciate a job well done.  

The regular Thanksgiving po' boy is priced at $7.32.  Large is $10.79.  For once, I'm thinking about ordering a large next time.   Pity my poor stomach.

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