Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Other places to live.

Sweet Peanut!?!  McClusky, North Dakota!?  Population 500?!

If I needed a change of pace, McClusky would be the place to be.  I recently underwent a change, moving from Boston to New Orleans.  Though New Orleans is a smaller city in population than the Athens of America, it is bigger in spirit and activity.  A move to McClusky?  I don't think I'm ready, even though it's citizens no doubt have heart.  It is the "Heart of North Dakota."

From the town's website: "McClusky North Dakota is a great place to live and work. If you need a change of pace and are tired of the rat race, or you need to relocate to someplace that you can afford to live, then call us and find out how we can help you."

I'm not knocking McClusky.  The city boosters just aren't tailoring their pitch to someone like me.  Perhaps by design.  Other excerpts...
"Our 500 residents are proud of the businesses that stand ready to serve your needs."  Again, I am used to running into more than 500 people in an hour let alone a whole week in town.

"McClusky North Dakota has a fine medical clinic that is served by a neighboring physician twice a week."  I don't think this is anything to crow about, especially when considering the next fact: "McClusky is located just 65 miles from two of the major medical centers..."  Just 65 miles?  That's halfway across Connecticut!  I'm used to a bit more convenience.

Despite my misgivings about the medical care, a salute to McClusky, ND.  The employment opportunities are there, but the descriptions will break your break your heart.   I don't really like to groove on small town America's misfortunes but the story of the 80 year old plumber and the sick butcher surpass boosterism.  I'm not sure what genre this civic writing falls into beyond honest. 

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