Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Odds and ends today.  Plenty happened but it was all off the record.  Instead, we bear witness to the Rose Tavern which is no longer in business though it looks like good times were had there for many a year.  I'm not clear in which neighborhood this lies.  I think of it as Broadmore but I only have a vague idea of Broadmore's boundaries.  It is in a self-contained knot of streets hard by Xavier University where President Obama spoke a month or two ago.  It could be part of Hollygrove.

Here's a close-up of the sign:
"Home of the Original Calliope High Steppers."  I don't know if the Calliope High Steppers are still doing whatever it is they did or where they call home now that the Rose Tavern is obviously out of commission.  Odd bits of tantalizing, off-the-record history abound in New Orleans.  

New Orleans is steeped in its own broth.  It is hip in a way Miles Davis was hip, like Louis Armstrong was hip, like William Burroughs was hip.  It is home to a gaggle of hipsters now spread all over the city but concentrated, it seems in the Bywater neighborhood.  New Orleans is not mod.
This picture is a recommended link.
There's been a lot of good writing about the kinds of topics I enjoy.  Here is a Boston-based example.  This is the kind of story I like to tell, a real stinker.  My ears are bent and my eyes are open in the Crescent City on the prowl for material. 

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