Friday, November 05, 2010

Great moments in New Orleans science

While the temperature has dropped in New Orleans recently enough for people to wear winter coats (high 50s before the sun comes up) that's not the kind of freeze I'm discussing today.  These images come from friezes on either side of the former front door at Tulane Medical School.

This neighborhood, the foot of Tulane Avenue at Elk Place and pretty much up past South Claiborne till I don't know how far out, is a desert of anything interesting.  The old medical school building, while no prize, does has some interesting architectural details.  It's the same way with the abandoned Charity Hospital next door.  A lot of art deco at ground level, an imposing silhouette for the skyline, but the neighborhood is pretty much dead and there is no life to speak of.  The 70s era bunker that is Tulane Hospital isn't a peach of an attraction, eyeglass museum or no.

Here's the other side of the old med school doorway:

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