Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Opposites attract

Daneel Playspot puts one in the mind for turtle soup.
A lovely couple and stylish couple who look half their age was dining at the Autumn Moon Chinese and Vietnamese Restaurant on Prytania Street across from Touro Infirmary (they have a website).  The meal was nothing exceptional but it was welcome.  It was nothing fancy and held no surprises, just wholesome nutrition simply prepared and presented.  Neither she nor he could ask for more.

At dinner's end the chipper waitress brought two fortune cookies along with the bill.  The lady diner opened hers and said, "Oh. I must have gotten yours."  Her companion cracked his cookie open and read the fortune.  "Maybe you're right," he said, "I seem to have gotten yours."  They exchanged slips of paper.

Both read aloud, "You have a magnetic personality."

They both had the same lucky numbers too:  3, 23, 34, 56, 76 19, and 88.

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