Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Orleans Eyeglass Museum (part 3 of 3).

The New Orleans Eyeglass Museum, as it's commonly known is located on the fourth floor of Tulane University Hospital on Tulane Avenue, right across from the main branch of the New Orleans Public Library.  That mounted and laminated newspaper article comes from a 1978 issue of the Times-Picayune.  It describes the inspiration and raison d'etre of the collection.
As I've mentioned, the "museum" isn't so much a museum as a collection of eyeglasses and eye-related medical equipment, heavy on the glasses.  The glasses are arranged in chronologic order.  If you are interested in examining old things and drawing conclusions about how they were used and why they were designed a specific way, the visit will take 45 minutes or so.  Do not bring a companion who gets bored easily.  There isn't much to do at Tulane University Hospital if you don't have an emergency or an appointment and the cafeteria is nothing to recommend.

Because I take great pleasure in this, here is a clip:

I also enjoy metronomes, the sound of the St. Charles Avenue street car grinding along its tracks, and droning engines.
In other news, Amerivespa is coming to New Orleans next year.  It is a convention of Vespa owners.  That's right, even more motor scooters will be buzzing about the streets.  "La vespa" is the Italian word for "wasp."  Click the picture to see a vesperado popping a wheelie in front of St. Louis Cathedral.

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