Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oyster Fest!!!!

Violet is an unincorporated town in St. Bernard Parish.  I tried to have a woman from Mireaux explain to me how it works but we weren't speaking the same jurisdictional language.  I don't have any problem switching the word "county" for "parish" but I have a hard time understanding how a town can't have it's own government.  How do you have a New England town meeting if everything is governed at the county level?  We don't don't even have county-level government where I come from.  It was just another layer.  You have your town or city and then you have the state.  No middle man.  In St. Bernard there is middle man and state.  Curious, but it seems to work.  The parish is probably bigger than five of the six New England states though it only has a smidge of the population.

I'm going to the Oyster Festival in Violet this weekend.  While I doubt I'll have to stand trial, I'm hoping a posse of deputies corrals me for a vigilante sentence: "Whalehead King, we sentence you not to tar and feathering but to a dozen oysters at parish expense."  A sensible verdict, indeed!

A man can dream can't he?  I know I'm waiting for the weekend.

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