Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Win free groceries!

Still meandering down Magazine Street in New Orleans.
You can win a year's worth of free groceries by clicking here.  It's not a hoax but a sweepstakes from the "World of Pasta" family of brands.  You don't get food stamps but the first prize winner gets a sweet check for $5,200.  450 runners up will get $100.

You have to name your favorite brand of pasta from a predetermined list.  Unfortunately, Prince spaghetti isn't on the list.  Wednesday is Prince spaghetti day, as everyone in New England knows.

I know Luzanne is tea and Dixie is beer.  Blue Plate is mayonnaise.  I assume Crystal Preserves are jelly.  Is there a New Orleans pasta?

Guess what Juan's Flying Burritos sells.  I'll give you a hint: It isn't flying donkeys.  The shop is very popular.  I haven't tried it so I can't recommend one way or the other.

My camera battery gave out the day I took all these Magazine Street sign photos.  I didn't get halfway through photographing them all and we haven't gotten halfway through the ones I took.  There are that many thriving little storefronts along about three blocks.

And, sorry, I couldn't resist one more:

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