Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A New Orleans blog I like

Four eyes are better than two.
Many New Orleans blogs slant toward the political.  As I've mentioned, I'm not really in a position to comment on post-levee failure happenings since Katrina.  I can only report what I see with my eyes open and what I hear with my ears bent.  It may not be much and it may not be interesting but I can only play the cards I've been dealt.  It's not my way to be strident on a soapbox anyway.  I enjoy the little things that cross my path.

The average New Orleanian may or may not resemble the illustration above.  Some do, many don't.  Most share the same love of place that Slimbolala does.  He writes in a low key kind of way about the things he encounters and the little whimseys that catch his fancy.  He seems like a nice guy...a family man...a responsible citizen.  He seems like the kind of chap you'd want to be your neighbor.  He seems like the kind of honorable, semi-polished gentleman you would want to date your daughter.  He seems like an ideal employee who may question corporate protocol but he'll show up on time without a hangover and deliver whatever work needs to be produced and collect his check at week's end.  The world should be full of these mensches and it is.

New Orleans doesn't just run off the energy and antics of ne'er-do-wells and flamboyant eccentrics.  It also gets through the day on the honest efforts of regular folk who hold down day jobs and night jobs and fill in during swing shifts.  New Orleans is not a graveyard and it isn't a madhouse.   It is an American city, unique in the country, chugging along quite nicely, thank you for asking.

Not everything about New Orleans is political, thought the personal is always political.  Some subtle shylocks play their cards close to their vests and still make their point.  Those are the people I enjoy listening to most.  If you are interested, check out Slimbolala's blog on a regular basis.  You won't regret it.

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