Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Mid City library

Mid City may be the Heart of New Orleans, but the Mid City branch of the New Orleans Public Library isn't exactly an antechamber to the throne room of enlightenment.  It's a largish room with two librarians sitting at their desk to the right of the door.  There are a few freestanding shelves of books to the left.  In the far right corner are some computer desks.  I was amazed at how threadbare the place looked.  

I wandered between the shelves trying to find something that catch my eye.  No dice.  The librarians were pleasant enough but the branch didn't have much to offer.  It is located in what was probably originally designed to be office space in a very pretty, art deco building that anyone driving along North Carrollton Avenue will recognize.

It's next to Rouse's Supermarket and Home Depot (I think, it may be Lowe's) and the corridor reserved for the Lafitte Greenway.  On the other side of the Mid City Center building is a Japanese restaurant.  The other spaces are occupied by offices.  

The Mid City branch is a good place to return books and pick up ones you've reserved online.  It also seems to be a good place to use a computer if you don't have one at home.  As for finding something to read or do serious research, I have to recommend the main branch on Loyola Avenue.


Editor B said...

They do have a pretty good selection of children's books.

Whalehead King said...

It didn't occur to me to check so thanks for setting the record straight, Editor B. Also, the branch on the corner of Napoleon Ave and Magazine Street is mostly dedicated to children's books.


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