Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Lucky Inn

I was riding my bicycle down Iberville Street between North Broad and North Dorgenois Streets when I passed the Lucky Inn.  I had to take some pictures...

I was surprised to find the Lucky Inn Hotel, more of a motel really, on a block that isn't really in the best repair.  North Broad Street is a commercial district but moving in the direction of the Lucky Inn, there isn't much to tempt a tourist.  The oriental statuary and motifs also caught my eye.

There is a fountain in the parking lot made of orange goldfish strung with X-mas lights, an aluminum tree, and a background hung with paintings of Chinese junks and more of the plaques that hang by the front door.  I went into the parking lot to take a picture.  As my camera was gearing up, a woman's voice came over a scratchy loudspeaker.  I couldn't understand exactly what she was saying beyond, "Get out!"

I powered down the camera and while I was putting it in my pocket, the woman started up again.  I still couldn't understand what she was saying beyond the word, "Police," and "Get out!  Get out!  Get out!"  I got out.  The walls facing the parking spaces are painted with signs that state the area is under video surveillance.  I guess she knew I wasn't a customer but management seems to be less than welcoming to potential guests.

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pegallivan said...

well i'm not gonna stay at this shit-hole. thanks for the heads up.


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