Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crab taxidermy

I've been thinking of doing some crabbing.  I've talked to some old timers who have given me some likely spots where the crabs are thick as thieves.  No, I'm not telling you where.

Crabbing in Louisiana is a very different pastime than crabbing in New England so I was doing my online due diligence.  Did you know there's a crab taxidermist?  He does nice work but he's in New Jersey, of all places.  I haven't been able to locate a local crab taxidermist, crabadermist (?).

While the preserved specimen looks much more glorious after embalming than he or she did when first caught, that is the nature of memorials after all, isn't it?  I wouldn't mind having a display of a whole bodied crab in diorama action or mounted on the wall.  When company comes I can regale them with the story of the battle of WK vs. crab and how my superior hunter skills won the day and the boiling pot.

I see signs for boiled crab all over New Orleans and I know it is an important industry.  I've eaten a few though I've never seen anyone, myself included order one in a restaurant.  Its messy food, like lobster. Also like lobster, it is a very satisfying meal.

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