Wednesday, June 02, 2010

If only

If only this link were true.

If you are wondering why I was at the Parker House yesterday, it's because that is where the lady of the house and I spent our first night of matrimony.  I have a gaggle of Europeans visiting and they ask me about the Gulf oil spill.  What can I say besides that it is criminal?  BP has black hands but so does every other involved party, my own federal government included.  It is a difficult time to be patriotic.

I tend to keep politics off the Dot Matrix because I tend to be mostly apolitical.  This is a sad time to be in America and to be an American.  Not only because of the man-made environmental disaster but because our government, one that I believe is the best in the world, turned out to be something less than effective.  This event is my Watergate and I had little faith to begin with in Washington's abilities.

I hate to be cynical but I can no longer suspend my disbelief.

Thanks, as usual, to the  New Orleans Ladder for the above illustration.  I will be in New Orleans for good next week, bombarded by bad news.  New Orleans, witness to its share of tragedy, maintains the high moral ground.  An odd position for a place many people associate with easygoing sin.

Our more usual fare will reappear tomorrow, but I wanted to vent my disgust at this whole situation.  Over the years, it hasn't always been easy to be a proud American, but I have done it.  In this case I find it impossible.

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