Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Last Hurrah

The Last Hurrah is the name of a movie starring Spencer Tracy (not pictured above) detailing the life of Boston's notorious Mayor Curley.  It is also the name of the bar located in the Omni Parker House Hotel.  Yes, that Parker House.  The one where Parker House rolls were invented.  Boston cream pie was also invented there.  Emerson and Oliver Wendell Holmes dined there regularly.  It's quite the hangout.

We stopped for drinks at the Last Hurrah last night.  It was nice but if you are stopping for cocktails in downtown Boston, may I recommend the Marliave.  While it is difficult to find, once you know the way, you'll kick yourself for not figuring it out.  It is easy to reach the Granary Burial Ground (essentially across the street) and also from Bromfield Street (which could be its address, but it isn't).  The cocktails are at Marliave, like the decor, is old school.  The Molasses Flood is a favorite and I recommend it for anyone.  The Warren Harding, is a gentleman's drink that shouldn't be wasted on anyone under the age of 35.

We were at Marliave last Thursday and oysters were for sale a dollar apiece.  I had six Wellfleets and they were delicious.  They were a perfect match for my Warren Harding.

The drink menu for anyone interested.  I also like the W.C. Fields.

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