Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Orleans soundtrack

I sit on my Dorchester, Mass. porch with the weather alternating between partly cloudy and drizzle.  As I go about my Sunday routine my mind is elsewhere.  I'm listening to WWOZ, the soundtrack of New Orleans.  I've been listening to the station for a few weeks off and on and I've never been stuck in a dull stretch.

It helps if you like music.  I'm no expert but I don't listen to any Boston stations beyond NPR.  Nothing has caught my ear in the almost three years I've spent on the Boston radio dial.  Is there a Dorchester station beyond the UMASS one?  WUMB, 91.0, does boast providing authentic music for our time.  I don't think folk music is particularly indigenous or relevant to Dorchester or Boston as a whole at this point in time. moment.  I may be wrong.  I admit I haven't looked very hard but whenever I hear folk music in Dot, it's Celtic.

If you want to support your local, Dorchester college station, check out WUMB.  If you want to hear some good stomping and swaying music, check out WWOZ.  Some people dream of the green shores of Ireland when they are in Dorchester.  I dream of New Orleans.

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