Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mermaids not the mythical kind

Reports of mermaids off Tenean Beach have been substantiated but they are not buxom young ladies with fish tails plying the tides.  We took a detour to Tenean Beach this morning to investigate.

Young ladies are in the surf but they are lithe, little things with dancers' bodies, two legs and all, and terrestrial without a doubt.  A local Dorchester dance academy (the teacher in charge asked that the institution remain unnamed) is training its students in stamina and mind over body techniques.  Apparently, the very cool waters of Dorchester Bay in mid-April make a better setting than the studio.  "Take your work in the field," is a lesson my art school professors always exhorted.  If it's good advice for painters it must be good for dancers.

Yes, there are young women in Tenean Beach's waves nowadays.  No they are not the mythical mermaids that have haunted many a young Dot swain's fancy as he has walked the shore on moonlit nights alone.

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