Thursday, January 14, 2010

No peas or liver in Ashmont

Apparently, back in the day, the Ashmont Grill was well known for it's pea soup.  One former Dorchesterite is mildly disappointed that the Grill is under new management:

"One of my earliest dining memories was going to Ashmont Grille in Dorchester, MA. When I was little, it was more of a hole-in-the-wall; a dark little pub that my parents grew up going to. I haven’t been in at least 15 years, and from the looks of it, it has since changed owners and seems to have become slightly more upscale. I’ve heard it’s still fantastic, just in a different way. My absolute favorite thing on their then-menu was their Pea Soup with Ham. In looking at their online menu, I don’t see this anywhere, sadly..."

Like the Blarney Stone and the Harp and Bard, up Dot Ave from Peabody Square, the Ashmont Grill has changed with the times while retaining the original name as a tie to the past.  There is nothing wrong with marrying newfangled swagger with an old name.  Some things should remain the same.  The names of landmarks belong on that list.  

Ashmont Grill deserves its reputation and its frequent mentions in the local and national press.  It's always a pleasure to go there even if there isn't any pea soup on the menu.  While the grill may have once been famous for its pea soup with ham, not too many people are ordering that anymore.  It's gone the way of liver, alas, which also isn't currently on the menu.

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