Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good girls say YES!! to Dorchester

Good girls know that when someone offers to take them to Dorchester, the right answer is YES!!  Bad girls can't stay contrary to their better natures in Dorchester.  Good and bad people only getter better.

For all the bad reputation Dot has around Boston as being home to barbarians, it is really home base for a very conservative citizenry.  Blue collar, salt of the earth burghers: this is the description that applies to most Dorchesterites.  Open minded, accepting, minding one's own business, avoiding trouble: these are Dorchester attributes.  Dorchesterites are more buttoned down than doubling down.

Very few people are experimenting with their sexuality in Dorchester so much as they are just enjoying it.  They aren't pushing boundaries so much as insulating themselves within two-way nourishing relationships.  The nuclear family is alive and well in Dorchester though its constituent parts may defy some people's demographical preconceptions.

People from Oklahoma may visit Dorchester and be shocked at what they see.  Dot is the ultimate sub-urbia conflated to metropolitan proportions.  People of all colors, creeds, and inclinations rub shoulders and press jowls.  Those most familiar with each other often rub and press other parts, but usually in selective pairs behind closed doors.  Don't go looking for what you don't want to see and all will be well.  That's a Dot lesson if there ever was one.     

Some parents worry when they learn their student children are settled in a Dorchester rooming house.  They needn't be.  Traditional values are valued in Dorchester.  Overall, it is as dull here for a hedonist as it is in New Alexandria, Penn.  A typical Dorchester day consists of children going to school, adults going to work, and those not doing either running errands and tending their gardens.  Nights transpire to a symphony of snoring.  Even a Puritans quickly get bored sniffing out sin in Dorchester tap rooms.

Good people say Yes!! to Dorchester's invitation for a good life.  It is a paradise for those who aspire to a middle class lifestyle made up of the tastes and values the bourgeoisie hold dear.  Those values are very near in Dorchester.  They are so close at hand you can smell them when you disembark from any Red Line train south of JFK/UMASS.

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