Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cocaine and Chips Ahoy

Dorchester made yesterday's New England in Brief column (third item down) in the Globe. In 2005 a Julian Street resident attempted to secret his stash of Class B substances in a Chips Ahoy package. Another example of crack detective work by Boston's finest resulted in a conviction and five to seven years in state prison.

While investigating a second floor residence, officers looking out the window noticed a package of Chips Ahoy in the snow outside. It was noteworthy because, as everyone knows, Dorchester is known far and wide for being litter-free. This raised suspicions and a thorough survey of the kitchen counter revealed an unopened cellophane internal wrapper full of what were clearly Chips Ahoy brand chocolate chip cookies.

The suspect seemed too weak willed to leave such a delicious treat lying around unopened. After a quick huddle, one officer was dispatched through the snow outside to recover the presumed litter. The expiration date and serial number of the Chips Ahoy package outside matched the numbers on the cookies inside. The cookies had been replaced by a different kind of treat: two sizable rocks of quality crack cocaine.

Through a combination of sharp eyes, character judgment, deductive ability, and familiarity with the seduction Chips Ahoy cookies offer the criminal class, BPD detectives collared another menace to Dorchester's streets. In light of the more severe drug charges, officers didn't issue a citation for littering. It's little wonder Dorchester remains one of the most crime-free zones in Boston.

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