Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dot Aquarius

When the Moon is above the William Clapp House and the two ends of Dot Ave are aligned, then peace will guide elections and Love will steer the Red Line.

Let's tally the signs, shall we? One: The moon does regularly raise above the headquarters of the Dorchester Historical Society on Boston Street in the Polish Triangle. Two: While Dot Ave doesn't really run as straight as a rifle shot from Gilette's World Shaving Headquarters to the Walter Baker Chocolate Factory, it is easy to get from Point A to Point B with minimal leaning on the handlebars. Three: If the slowly unfolding yawnfest that is the upcoming mayoral election is any indication, politics in Boston are as worry-free as Tom Sawyer's float down the Mississippi. Four: Love does steer the Red Line, a love of professionalism and a fervent devotion to superior customer service.

We have all the signs of the dawning of the Age of Dorchester.

Harmony and understanding? Check. Sympathy and trust abounding? Check. No more falsehoods or derision? Check. Golden living dreams of visions? Check, depending on what this is supposed to mean. Mystic crystal revelation? What??? I suppose so. And the mind's true liberation? Oh, definitely check. Definitely. Dorchester is a helluva town.

Ready to topple the Back Bay and Beacon Hill as Boston's premier address, The Age of Dorchester is dawning. Rumor at Brothers Diner has it that Senator Kerry is shopping for a pied-a-terre in Mattapan.


astuce said...

Thanks for posting about this, I would love to read more about this topic.

Whalehead King said...

Thanks, astuce. You must be new to the Matrix because this topic comes up again and again and again. Welcome aboard.

Whalehead King said...
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