Friday, June 12, 2009


An acquaintance and fellow Dot blogger who happens to live in a bordering neighborhood, the infamous Polish Triangle, dropped the suggestion recently for a confab of Dorchester-based bloggers and twitterers. An excellent suggestion, Old Bean! Why not? Who doesn't like meeting nice neighbors?

There is strength in numbers and if Dorchester has anything, it has numbers, being the biggest part of Boston in many statistical catagories. Given the panopoly of Dot voices on the internet and the diverse strategies each of us employs in the medium, a little synchronicity would do Dorchester good. A common theme that runs through many Dot blogs is pride in place. Many posts contain the frequent moral that the local spice is good and that the Dot is hot for trotting and cycling. A lot has happened here and a lot more could happen in the future. Dorchester, this neighborhood comprised of neighborhoods, has room enough for one more, especially a virtual one.

As residents of the Dottoman Empire, we needn't succumb to the Dot's reputation as "The Sick Man of Boston." In the 21st Century in this most wired of cities, Dorchester's online community can actually be a community of poets, amateur journalists, cultural entrepreneurs, armchair civic boosters, literati, technocrati, activists and corner store clerks who get together from time to time to put faces to names, share ideas, catch up on gossip and trends, kvetch, inspire each other, and all-around wile away a few hours in like company with a shared avocation. Why not?

A tip of the fedora to Mr. Adam Pieniazek, the #1 Blogging blogger on Scribnia. He came up with the idea. His sociable mind tends to work that way and I'm glad he brought it up. Someone had to sooner or later. The time may as well be now.

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