Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dorchester is on Flat Stanley's itinerary

We have it on good authority that Flat Stanley, a sort of literate, elementary school celebrity will be making an appearance in our very own Dorchester, Mass.. He is riding that federal mass-transit system, the US Postal Service to get here. His host is anxiously awaiting the guest's arrival in order to show him the sights of interest and a good time.

If I were six or seven or eight years old, what would I like to see in Dorchester? This is going back aways. I would be enamored by all the potato chip flavors stacked at Cappy's Convenience. In warm weather I would want to pluck all the periwinkles off the sand at low tide on Malibu Beach even though no bucket has been made big enough to hold them all. I would enjoy rocking along the Mattapan High-Speed Trolley wondering what the conductor is doing behind the curtain and if he would let me help him steer. I would be the most contented boy in the world on the bridge over the commuter rail tracks eating a long, Simco hot dog with the perfect mix of mustard and relish while a train passed under my feet. I would be dizzy by all the people milling about in Codman Square and in Uphams Corner or in Fields Corner; so many adults pursuing adult business and me none the wiser what was about beyond the fact that it is always this busy every day. I would enjoy the view from Ronan Park of the Bay the compressed natural gas tanks, and the sports fields as well as the playgrounds.

What is a boy to do in Dorchester? The same as an adult. Enjoy it all. For a real meal Flat Stanley can expect a stroll down Dot Ave's Umami Mile. What restaurant he'll be inclined to choose is anyone's guess, but you can bet it will be a good one. No bad times are had in Dorchester.

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