Saturday, February 28, 2009


We don't usually go to Cappy Convenience late at night. This corner where East Cottage Street and Crescent Avenue branch off Dot Ave, is a busy intersection and Cappy's is likewise usually busy. I go early in the morning just after they open, 6:00 AM most days, to pick up a newspaper and coffee. It's not too crowded then. I sometimes stop in after work to pick up sundries and there is a line, but nothing like New Store on the Block that is a convenience store/Dunkin' Donuts outlet/state-sponsored gambling mecca.

The streets weren't congested last night. Traffic along Dot Ave was surprisingly light and I parked my Littlest Ninja without having to search for a nook within which to fit it. Cappy's, however, was packed to the seams with people making all sorts of purchases. When I entered the store the line was eleven people thick. I picked up my bags of Boston Baked Beans and Swedish Fish, then dutifully waited to pay for my purchases. I thought a little bite of sweet would be a nice way to end the night. What were other people buying at 10:30 PM?

I can't vouch for everyone but the couple in front of me had a gallon of skim milk and two apples. When they got to the register, they also grabbed a handful of miniature peanut butter cups and requested a pack of strawberry cigarillos. The boy in front of them, who was wearing only jeans and a tee shirt (50 degrees at the end of February in New England!), had purchased three bags of Andy Capp's Hot Fries and 18 oz. of Sprite.

If this is an example of the foot traffic Cappy's commands every evening, no wonder the place is so well stocked and dustless. I plan to go back tonight for further investigation and to pick up some more baked beans. We polished off the remainder this afternoon. This may not be the best night for this experiment. A snowstorm is predicted for tomorrow so no doubt people will be stocking up on the usual staples to weather this last gasp of Winter. I had better wait a month or so.

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