Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hex Removed from the Red Line

A couple of pals were wandering the least-visited corners of the JFK/UMASS platform this afternoon during rush hour on the Ashmont side when they stumbled on a bundle of dead forsythia twigs bound by a rubber band. "What do you think this is?" Jim asked. I said it looked like hoodoo.
Pat agreed. "This looks like something out of the Blair Witch Project," he said. "It's even got a red rubber band like it's meant to jinx the Red Line. I bet this is why the Red Line trains have been running late."
We discussed it and decided we would be doing the MBTA, and Boston, a favor by removing this talisman from the station. It couldn't hurt. Jim said, "It may not be a Blair Witch but a Dot Witch. That Dot Witch has been disrupting service all the way between Mattapan and Alewife. The least we can do it burn this mojo and maybe service will be what it is supposed to be: on time and under budget." We all agreed.
According to Pat, who is the member of this party most wise in the ways of Wicca, it will take the stroke of midnight to remove any curse that was placed beforehand. Marvin was elected to carry the talisman down to the Shaw's Supermarket parking lot a block away and he did it at arm's length like he was carrying a piece of Limburger cheese between his outstretched fingers. Pat set his zippo to the twigs and they disappeared in a flash with little smoke, as if the whole bundle had been a mirage. If the Red Line runs on time tomorrow morning, we'll know the curse has been lifted.

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