Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hanging Tenean

The ice sculpture titled "Pipeline" that graced Boston Common this past New Year's Eve referenced Boston Habor's often overlooked reputation as being one of the premier surfing locations in New England. The focal point of the local surfing industry is none other than Dorchester's own Tenean Beach.

Though not home to the tallest or swiftest waves in the world, Tenean Beach does offer predictability and a reliable mix of adrenaline and challenge. Package tours targeted at surfers visiting Massachusetts not only include Hull and Castle Island but also the unique excitement of riding the waves that Tenean provides. According to Surf Fancy magazine, Tenean is consistently ranked in the top 2000 surfing beaches worldwide.

Summer is prime surfing season in Dorchester and residents around Norfolk Point are accustomed to seeing cars sporting boards heading down Morrisey Boulevard before they loop around and around in a string of puzzled U-turns trying to find their way to Tenean Beach. Tenean is known for its laid back culture of beach bums and bunnies who spend hours lounging on the sugar sand waiting for the next great wave to roll in.

Surfers be warned: The conditions at Tenean Beach may not be for you. Tenean's waves are for connoisseurs who are more like fishermen, patient in waiting for the perfect alignment of events to provide a successful trip. You are advised to visit first to measure the beach's temperament before bringing your gear and challenging the local tides.


rpb said...

"No Surfing in Dorchester Bay"

'Whalehead' King said...

Tut, tut. Dorchester is home to rebels. We all know what the signs say but we also see what the surfers do. When you live in Dorchester, Mass. the world is your oyster. There are plenty of people 'hanging tenean' when no one is looking. It is an open secret.


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