Monday, November 03, 2008

Planning for the fallout

On the off chance that the McCain/Palin ticket carries Massachusetts, you may like to have a back-up residence in mind. Is there a state more blue than Massachusetts? This question refers to political leanings not mood. Everyone knows there will never be a happier commonwealth in the Union as long as the States are united.

So let's say you want to high tail out of the Hub of the Universe and rest your bones in San Francisco or Seattle or even, Heaven forbid, one of New York's more radical buroughs. Who do you call to haul your possessions? We have a recommendation.

Nick's Moving Company, located at 40 Joy Street (naturally) in Somerville will be as pleased as Punch to assist with all your moving needs. As the lettering on the side of the truck says, Nick's crews are "Cheap & Friendly." Voted the best of Boston's movers in 2001 and 2003, competition for the crown as the cheeriest movers in town has been tight since then. This has led the stevedores and teamsters at Nick's to redouble thier efforts to don the mantle once again. If you feel the need to relocate after Election Day, give Nick's a look-see. You won't be disappointed and you'll probably be moved to cast another vote, this one for Nick's as the Best of Boston 2009.

This is an unpaid and unsoliciated advertisement without any contact between the proprietors of Whalehead Enterprises and the management of Nick's Moving Company. We are only relaying the word on the street. For what it is worth, we also fortell a Democratic victory in Massachusetts if informal, undocumented rumors can be trusted.

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