Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Carrie Crow

Like people, some crows are gregarious and some are shy, coy, and retiring. Some crows prefer their privacy to the raucous good-time lives other crows experience. Some crows live in shadow.

As a hatchling, Carrie Crow fell out of her nest in Bates Woods. Suzanne White found the baby bird and brought it home. She asked her mother if she could keep it. Because Suzanne had carried the little bird, she decided to call her Carrie. Carrie Crow is an indoor crow. She prefers to have walls and a ceiling, as well as a floor. She flies fancy maneuvers within the confines of her world. She soars like an angel within her limitations.

Who would have thought Blackie would have met Carrie Crow? Blackie is the kind of gadabout and gadfly that is usually in the spotlight rather than on the sidelines. Carrie Crow is a crow that rarely leaves the confines of her comfort zone. They did meet one day, against all odds. That morning was overcast and drizzly and not a creature was stirring at the tail end of Ashcraft Avenue where Carrie Crow makes her home. Since it was quiet, Carrie Crow decided to poke about the lawn. It just so happened that while Carrie Crow was weeding the garden, Blackie was soaring overhead to meet a little chickadee in a bush on West Street. When Blackie caught sight of Carrie Crow, he whirled around on pinions free to take a second look. Blackie was in love.

He landed at a respectful distance from Carrie Crow and introduced himself, being sure to say first, “Begging your pardon, Ma’am.” Blackie pulled out all his charms. Carrie Crow was mystified at first, but after awhile Blackie started to attract her like a dead mouse in a trap. Let us just say that nature took its course and that crows are one of the birds included in the phrase, ‘the birds and the bees.’

Blackie still visits Carrie Crow. She is one of his stable of tablemates. Carrie Crow smells like Febreeze™. Blackie smells like Romeo y Julietta brand cigars. Despite that they have such different dispositions and goals, the two get along quite well. Carrie Crow enjoys hearing about Blackie’s adventures. Blackie enjoys the peace and comfort of Carrie Crow’s company. They fit together like a quill and an inkwell.

A poetic observation of what crows are called in scientific Latin can be found by visiting

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