Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Brockett In Boston

The Paul Brockett Road Show is scheduled to play at the Bulfinch Yacht Club in Boston, Mass. on May 12th, 2007 The crew of Messrs. Brockett and Anderson along with Ms. Killimade, will be bringing the New London State of Mind to wash up on the docks of Boston Harbor. This will be more than a tea party.

Whalehead King went to the Bulfinch Yacht Club on reconnaissance. He and a friend happened to be in the neighborhood. His friend knew that Mr. King would want to know where the New London State of Mind was spreading beyond its miniature physical boundaries. She took him to Friend Street. The Bulfinch Yacht Club is located at number 234 Friend Street. A sperm whale from New London is about to land in the Land of The Cod and The Bean. The provincial mice will show the cosmopolitan ones that there is a world outside the web woven by the T lines. The Yacht Club’s address couldn’t be more appropriate.

Paul Brockett, Dave Anderson, and Meghan Killimade, fresh from a Manhattan gig, are ready to tackle Beantown. They will surely eat beans while they are in Boston, but the Roadshow crew is looking forward to banging out the big, New London sound at the Bulfinch Yacht Club. They are going to let their talents loose so freely, the cables of the Charlestown Bridge will vibrate like harp strings. The Roadshow will be on its marks and ready, set, go!

The Bulfinch Yacht Club is not a yacht club at all. It is the kind of honky-tonk in which the Roadshow has cut it teeth to razor-sharp sense of crowd control. They will work the crowd and crowd out the reputation of every band in Beantown. The Paul Brockett Roadshow is already the most popular, prolific and professional band in New London, Conn. They have already toured the Nutmeg State and taken it by storm. The Roadshow has already wooed and charmed jaded Manhattanites. New York’s outer boroughs are sure to soon follow with admiration accompanied by flowers and women’s underpants tossed at the stage. What will happen when Boston makes the acquaintance of Mr. Paul Brockett and his comrades-in-music?

I will tell you. Meghan Killimade will beat out a syncopated rhythm that mimics the sound of sunspots exploding seven light-minutes away. Dave Anderson will noodle on the bass, doing whatever bassists do to keep a song moving and interesting. He will do it better than any bassist in New London can mimic. Paul Brockett will charm the audience with his guitar, his improbably large cowboy hat, his voice, and his snappy repartee. Mr. Brockett will sing, he will wail, he will yodel, he will belt out the ballads, and he will be gracious. He will charm the swans out of the duck pond.

Whalehead King is looking forward to seeing the Paul Brockett Road Show in Boston. If you didn’t see them conquer New York, you should take the train to see the next best thing. As they say in Germany, “Roadshow! Roadshow! ┼░ber Alles!”

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