Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Breast and Breadth of the Thames.

Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow. Everyone needs a place on which to rest their head. Where better than on a lover’s chest?

The broad breast of Connecticut’s Thames River stretches out from the shores of New London like a faithful partner to The Hip Little City That Can™. New London would not be New London without the Thames. City and river are inextricably linked. They share each other’s destiny.

Though the Thames River is older, by millennia, than The City of New London, Conn. the two have been melded since the English landed in 1646. If the city of New London began as a parasite taking advantage of the Thames River’s strengths, the city now lends its grace to the Thames’ shore. The breadth of the Thames has swollen with pride during New London’s tenure. A natural, man-made formation, New London is an example of how evolution and geology can converge to create beauty.

What is a city without spires? New London’s buildings pierce the sky as high as cherubs soar. When the Thames River is quiet, it reflects their profiles infinitely along its breast. You can’t have a Whaling City without having a Faire Harbour. The mouth of the Thames is made content with New London biting on its lower lip.

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