Sunday, May 06, 2007

Change is Afoot.

They have cut down two large trees on the old Bodenwien property on Pequot Avenue. On the other side of the city, they have wrapped ye olde towne mill in Tyvek. Fire trucks rushed to Squire Street yesterday and closed the street to traffic. Fire trucks rushed down Broad Street toward downtown at 11:00 o’clock this morning.

A city is full of details and action. New London, Conn. is a city. New London is full of activity. It is like an ant farm. Citizens go about their business and no one action makes sense unless viewed as part of a whole. If New London is a mote in God’s eye, God smiles at New Londoners’ antics. Everything works out for the best.

Two old trees will not be missed on Pequot Avenue. Ye olde towne mill will last another four hundred years under the Goldstar Memorial Bridge. Accidents happen and they will be replaced by other accidents. A single life is a string of details. A city’s life is a collection of incidents. Whatever happens, adds to the whole.

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