Monday, May 07, 2007

Nylon Dress

Like the old song says, “If you want to make your baby happy…Go to the shop and buy a dress of nylon.” A number of fashion options are available to New London’s stylish set. Whalehead King brought a lady friend with him to judge the ladies’ clothing available in New London’s shops.

“A cotton dress comes from a plant…A nylon dress is a work of science.” Mr. King and his companion stopped at Honey Plus to sample an array of frocks that are hung in the back of the store. There were a number of colorful, Indian, cotton dresses attractively priced at $14.99. Mr. King’s companion panned the dresses as not being fashionable enough.

They next went to Family Dollar on Montauk Avenue. They made a beeline to the women’s clothing racks. Mr. King’s companion was in hog heaven. Nothing at Family Dollar costs more than ten dollars, and the nylon dresses are no exception. Mr. King’s companion grabbed a handful of dresses brightly printed with flowers in every color in the rainbow. She is impulsive about spending money, but she knows what she likes.

Why nylon? Mr. King’s companion quoted the song. She said, “A nylon dress is a fancy dress…a nylon dress never makes a mess.” So true. When you wear a nylon dress, you are dressed for success. Check out the goods at Family Dollar on Montauk Avenue.

You can learn more about the importance of fashion at Myspace.

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