Saturday, April 21, 2007

Reasons Not To Lend Your Scooter

The Berlin Pilgrim asked to borrow Whalehead King’s little motor scooter to run errands about town. The Berlin Pilgrim has traveled across the country on a motorcycle sleeping wherever his exhaustion got the best of him in landscapes both pastoral and lunar. A little motor scooter would seem to be a toy for someone who has crossed a continent with more horsepower between his legs and more hurdles in his path than New London’s streets can offer even during rush hour.

The scooter in question, made by Honda, has the apt model name, Metropolitan. It sits inches off the ground, runs on an automatic transmission, is whisper quiet at full throttle, and handles like a magic carpet. It is seductive. Its maximum speed of 35mph seems like an effortless slide alongside a slipstream. The surroundings go by with enough time to notice the details and beauty along the route. Do not let appearances deceive you.

Whalehead King isn't about to let any novice take the Metropolitan for a spin. As its name implies, this is a model of scooter that requires sophisticated understanding to master its operation. A motor scooter is not a toy; it is a responsibility to be taken seriously, with every sense sharpened to a keen edge.

The Berlin Pilgrim had to hoof his way to the apothecary and the cobbler. As he headed home toward the southern end of the city, it started to rain on Howard Street. By the time he had reached the second rotary, it had started to hail golf ball-sized stones. It is springtime in New England and anything can come out of the sky In front of Stash’s The Berlin Pilgrim was struck by lightning. Finally inside his building and headed to the front door of his condo, he slipped on the top step and went tumbling down two flights of stairs. He crawled to his door and finally managed to crawl to the phone. He called Whalehead King and cursed him out royally. Imagine what would have happened to the scooter if Mr. King had lent it out.

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