Thursday, April 19, 2007

Matthew King has found himself in all sorts of situations over the years. He has had escapades and exploits that would make for a good memoir. Mr. King has had lively and varied careers throughout the latter half of his life thus far. He currently holds two positions.

Mr. Matthew Gordon King hasn’t quit his day job. He is regularly employed, evidence to the contrary, in a position that requires his Social Security Number. He lives with style though few people know how he can afford to do it. His secret: He lives in New London, Conn., where your dollar goes farther.

As Whalehead King, Mr. King practices a cash-poor profession. He is the Unofficial Goodwill Ambassador and unappointed, unelected Bard of New London, Conn. While the stipend for these titles wouldn’t feed a mouse, Mr. King enjoys the prestige and intangible privileges these positions provide. Walking a mile in this pair of shoes would prove tiresome to most people, but Matthew King tries to do it with good grace while stylishly dressed, with malice toward none.

Mr. King witnesses the dawn and looks forward to tomorrow. New London is good. Life is good. Being Whalehead King is good. Being Mr. Matthew Gordon King is good. There is little room for complaint when thoughout every day in every way everything gets even better. All New London is a stage and you get to pick your role and play it as best you can. Choose wisely and juggle your obligations judiciously. Put your balance to the test. New London demands determination.

If you can make your mark in New London, you can succeed anywhere. You can be yourself and you can outstrip other people’s expectations. You can run in place or you can sprint toward a finish line cut in the sand until the tide washes it away. It is good to be whatever you want to be. Life is always a parade.

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