Thursday, April 26, 2007

An Improbable Couple

Keep your eyes on the stars and you will never be wrong. New London is full of minor heroes and miniature Herakles. The city is full of bargain basement geniuses, tinkers, and foot soldiers for propriety, unheralded prophets, and just plain, upstanding folk minding their own business. Follow the examples around you to make a better city.

New London is a city of small courtesies, good manners, compassion, positive reinforcement, and good deeds done well. Former crossword puzzle champion, Annie Forsyth came to town and fell in love.

Her husband-to-be is Mr. Charles Osgood Dexter. He lives in the white house on Ocean Avenue between Farmington Avenue and Niles Hill. Mr. Dexter, who comes from old New London stock, is a philanthropist. He is an Elephant Man who is rarely seen in public. The curtains of his house are always drawn and he tips his paperboy extra so his newspaper will be slid into his mail slot. He doesn’t mow his own lawn and he has his groceries delivered to his garage at night. People know him by his generous donations to local charities.
Space limitations prevent us from telling the story of Ms. Forsyth’s and Mr. Dexter’s courtship. Let it be said that they are very much in love and get along famously. Ms. Forsyth looks forward to being the face the Dexter family presents to the public. She is a twee woman. She has a hawk’s nose and a walleye. Her red hair is cut in a bob and she favors sparkly, green dresses. You will know who she is when you are introduced to Mrs. Dexter.

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