Friday, February 02, 2007

Raiders' Roost

The old Raiders' Roost was a rather intimidating place. Small, dark, dirty windows and a door that was always closed even when the place was open for business. The inside was much like the outside, a place that had seen better days. The name doesn't come from any pirate lore or the disreputable characters who may have headquartered themselves there. Rather is was named for the New London Raiders amateur baseball team.

The Raiders' Roost opened in the 1950s and it has survived redevelopement and the encroachment of the New London Development Corporation. The building now has a parking lot in back and one parking space just before the rotary. It has been taken over by Brian Brother, one of New London's more famous chefs. True to form, the new owner has painted the interior his trademark red and black. He is not an anarchist, he associates these colors with his cajun cuisine. Remember, this is the man who had the Bayou in various locations around New London.

He brings his expertise to the Raiders' Roost. The food is as good as you would expect. The room is split between bar and tables. There was a healthy crowd of New London's congniscenti and illuminati there last night. The usual suspects and tastemakers are enjoying the new incarnation of the Raiders's Roost. While the food and the atmosphere are superb, the best part of all is the name. When you have something good, you don't give it up easily.

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