Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Literary Prize.

The link to this title is different from usual for a reason. New London is a city that collects characters of all colors and inclinations. We are all New Londoners under the skin no matter how different we appear from the outisde or by the strategies we employ. New London is a city of underemployed overacheivers. It is no wonder the city is always in a ferment even as it slumbers.

You would never know it by reading the sign at the border, but besides Whalehead King, and The Hygienic Art Show and the New London School of Poetry, the Whaling City is home to one of the internet's premier science fictioneers. No one in New London that graduated after 1986 knows her name, but a native woman has woven tapestries of speculative fiction that combine childlike wonder with adult material. Not an easy feat, but when done well, the result is worth reading.

This woman goes by many noms-de-plumes. She is the Moon's mistress. There is a tarnish on the Red-Headed Goddess's lustre, but she is still divine. You may have seen her walking Montauk Avenue enroute home after working for equitable probate settlements. You may have wondered who she is. It isn't Whalehead King's place to say out loud.

New London is lucky that it attracts and retains talent. We are all ciitzens in a city that is happy enough not to have us. We don't begruge that New London is enamored with dirty drugery more than the white knuckled nights in front of the keyboard. A writer's life is naturally solitary and masturbatory. Thank Heaven New London gives us the private room in which to work.

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