Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Celebrity News!!

Estaban, the talented guitarist so famous he needs only one name, is playing tomorrow night at the Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort for a special Valentine's Day engagement. It is rumored that after the show he will be stopping by the Oasis Cafe to take the stage and unleash his controlled passion on the guitar strings for whoever is in attendance. Another rumor: Estaban has heard about New London's budget woes and will donate three hundred twelve pounds of guitar instruction CDs to the New London Public School System to replace the current music ciriculum. New London's musicians are already top-notch. Imagine the melodies that will be unchained by guitarists trained the Esatban way!

Groundbreaking, post-punk, popular eighties band, The Police, reunited to play the Grammy Awards this week. They decided to fly back to their respective homes from Logan Airport in Boston. Their limosines stopped in New London enroute to Logan and performed an impromptu jam at The Band Street Cafe. 'Roxanne' never sounded so plaintive.

Donald Trump was in the city to scout an episode of The Apprentice. The challenge for the two teams will be to develop the land around Fort Trumbull. This is a task that has already flummoxed 'the Donald' so he is looking for fresh ideas.

Vice President Dick Cheney got wind of the ducks who have settled in the ponds in Bates Woods. The Secret Service consulted with the NLPD to make arrangements for a vice-presidential hunting trip. The VIP is scheduled to stay at the Lighthouse Inn in March and the end of Ashcraft Avenue will be closed off for illicit motor scooter and pedestrian traffic looking for a shortcut to New London High School to hear an Esteban-inspired guitar concert.

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