Sunday, February 11, 2007

Amy Hannum, Presidential Candidate

Amy for President 2008! That is the slogan so far. Something better will spontaneously come up later on the campaign. It is a good place to start though. To the point, and what a point it is.

The opposite of Hillary Clinton, Amy Hannum isn't well connected beyond New London's social circles and MySpace, where she has plenty of friends and supporters. Far from being a Barak Obama, Ms. Hannum's announcement that she is a presidential contender was not trumpeted in the media. We do believe, Whalehead King has the scoop on this story.

Amy Hannum is smart. She has a vision. She listens and she learns. If America is a place where anyone can reach the top, there is no reason why Ms. Hannum won't do a better job than the people named above. We haven't even mentioned the Republicans.

If Washington needs fresh blood and clean hands, Amy Hannum has both. She is untainted by cynicism. She has no taint of corruption. Her ideals are still in place and still worth believing in. Not a fringe candidate by any means, but a woman with a purpose she promised herself years ago. Visit her to see her platform. She needs your input and your vote. Amy Hannum: Out To Make America Better!

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