Thursday, January 04, 2007

You Have a Friend.

Agent 11 was having lunch at Bangkok City. He was sitting in the window since he was chilled and he wanted to bask in the sun. His back was to the dining room so that he could see the bustle on State Street.

Two young women were seated in the booth to his back. He had noticed them when he was seated by Jennie, who is one of the most pleasant waitresses in the city. The young ladies looked to be Connecticut College students. One had a thick head of blond hair tied into a tangled french braid. The other was a petite, oriental lady with a sleek bob. Over the course of lunch, Agent 11 was treated to the tragic tale of one of the ladies lack of friends. She honestly believed she had no friends and returned to this subject again and again in the course of twenty-five minutes.

Agent 11 couldn't tell which of the young ladies was so lonely. He was too busy tucking into his spicy squid with string beans (6 stars) and talking to his lunchtime companion to smoothly and discretly turn his head like an owl. When he had finished his meal, he fished in his pockets for the antidote to this unknown woman's dilemma. Drat the luck! His pockets were empty.

Agent 11, usually on top of his game, failed one of his repsonsiblities. He was fishing in his pocket for a bumper sticker to drop on the table. This sticker is one of Whalehead King's calling cards. It reads: You Have a Friend in New London, Conn. Under those bold words is the tagline '" That is the kind of news a lonely person needs when they are alone in New London. One demerit for Agent 11.

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